Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sound Unit Prepro

This will take place at crystal springs trail on a bench overlooking the spring.  Near sunset, since sun sets over the spring.


Boy walking (head down) sits down on park bench.  He sighs as he sits down.  He puts his face in his hands in distress as a young couple walks by behind him.  They look to be as though they are in love and are talking to teach other and as they pass the bench the boy looks at their backs as they walk away and their audio fades out.  The boy sighs again and then takes out his headphones and we can hear the music from his ipod.  

Then middle age couple walks by in the background from right side.  The boy doesn’t notice, but they talk about how they always love coming back to this trail and how peaceful it is.

Boy is looking out at the spring as they are walking by and they exit off screen

Then old couple walks by from left side and they sit down next to the boy on the bench.  Boy takes off his headphones and says sure you can sit here.

Old couple are talking and they are audible and they are talking about how much they enjoy each other, boy puts his head back down in his hands still in distress.  

Old people respond.  Old man tells him some words of wisdom about relationships (not too clich√©) maybe some humor about himself and his wife.  

Old lady says time for us to go, so they both get up, old man tells boy it will be “alright kid pull through”.
After they leave out of the WS.  All isolated sounds.  Boy relaxes back in his park bench and looks at the spring again (hears small sound of waves).  Boy looks at Grass and hears the sound of crickets, and soft wind sound as wind is blowing nearby grass.  (if theres no wind it will have to be man made and sound effect can be put in later).  Boy looks at free way in back of him and notices sound of cars passing by.  Boy looks out at the spring once again and now all sounds are audible.  Boy pulls phone out of his pocket with right hand.  Looks at it (seems like he is contemplating something) then puts phone down, face down, on his right leg and slouches further back in bench.  ONLY THING AUDIBLE Phone starts ringing (ringtone differences genuwine or some r&b song).  Boy turns his phone back over and looks at the front and caller ID says Katy and picture is of boy and Katy smiling (happy).  Boy looks at it then looks out at spring and left to right (now all previous sounds in green are heard) then he looks back at phone (only ringtone is heard) boy contemplates and then pushes silent on his phone.  (WS from beginning) Gets up and walks out of frame.  Time lapse until night time then fade out.

        The narritive design is a romantic.  My goal of this film was to be serious throughout the whole film.  I have gone on this trail many times before, and I always notice how nice and serene the view is, although the freeway is right behind it.  I based most of the story off of the scene and what i could get of it.  I want to experiment with isolated sounds, and then joining all the sounds together to create a soothing nature effect. 

Production elements:
         I wanted to incorporate nature with sound.  I want to use sound bridges maybe to connect different trasitions.  I planned on using the music the boy was listening too and his ring tone to play as the lietmotif, and I was also thinking about incorporating some sound loops or even create my own.


  1. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with this scene dramatically. I'm getting the feeling that you're intent of the scene is to focus on sounds that I think have no relation to you're story which is just a boy sitting down and looking at the scenery while worrying about his romance, while couples pass him.I think that you're plot points are the scenes that the couples come in and talk about their relationship but you don't have specific sounds for them.I would say that your climax is when the boy looks at his phone and ignores the call by pushing silent. You don't really have a resolution because the boy just walks away and I don't see what you're trying to resolve here, which is also your conclusion. I think the important lines of dialogue is when the old man talks to him, but it seems like its the only dialogue.I would say that the old man pushes the story foward because your main character just sits there. Suggestions that i have to improve the narrative is to show what the actual problem the boy has because he's just sitting there looking at nature. Also it seems like you only have sounds of nature and try to show some importance this has to the story as a whole.

  2. Kevin Choy's response to his own treatment
    My intent of the scene is to focus on the sounds of nature intertwined with the plot. I wanted to make it a romantic short film that made the audience think about what the ending meant. I tried to base the whole scene around the set, since I like that the set has nature around it, but it also has a loud freeway next to it.
    The plot points are when the boy sits down, when the young couple walks by, when the middle age couple walks by, when the older couple sits down next to the boy, and when the boy silences his phone.
    The climax of the first scene is when the boy sighs and takes out his headphones after the young couple walks by. The climax of the next scene is when the old man tells him to pull through. The climax of the last scene is when the boy silences his phone.
    The resolution is when the boy realizes that the calmness of nature, the couples walking by, the old man’s wise words, allow him decide to possibly end his relationship by ignoring the call from his girlfriend.
    The conclusion is when the boy silences his phone and walks away.
    The important lines of dialogue are when the young couple, and middle age couple walks by. The most important lines of dialogue are when the old man talks to the boy about relationships.
    The character that Controls the scene is the old man for he pushes the boy forward, by allowing him to decide to ignore the call from his girlfriend.
    I think i can improve the narrative by someway bettering the incorporation of nature with the plot, and using a sound-bridge.

  3. i don't quite understand this project but the idea that i think your tryng to accomplish is a good one. i like how you incorporate nature in your project; this suttle feel with nature nurtures your romantic genre. problems you may like to consider is how your going to find an old couple. i find that extremely difficult unless you catch them off gaurd. i think this film would successfully deal with the sound aspect of it because it requires all of the sound techniques.

  4. I like how you plan on using natural sounds in this film as opposed to using a bunch of Foley sound effects. Very natural.