Sunday, September 26, 2010

Short Film Treatment #1

Both attend High school, it's the first day of school. Two characters are both sophmores.  Boy sleeping in his bed.  Girl sleeping in her bed.  (All their action parallel from this point on).  Alarm goes off at 7 am and they both hit their clocks aat 7: 02 to turn it off.  They both get up walk to their kitchens and eat breakfast.  They both wait at the same bus stop with headphones in not paying attention.  Their friends come and they say high and talk.  Both get on the bus.

They sit and talk on the bus with their own friends in their own groups.  Both get off the bus and walk to school with their own group of friends.  Bell rings and everyone goes to their 1st period class.  They both walk into their designated PE locker rooms.  (now parallel action stops)

Boy look around and walks in everyone is changing.  Goes to his PE locker, stops in front of it stares at it.  Then stares at everyone around him.  Pulls out his phone to see if he has any text messages.  There are none.  The only text messages hes got are from his guy friends.  He heaves a sigh and puts his phone back inside his pocket.  Puts his arm on the locker and leans on it for a few seconds.  He dresses into his PE clothes and.  Walks outside into the gym where everyone is.  He approaches his friends and they start talking.

PE class boy is talking with his friends.  Boy seems to space out for a short period of time.  The girl comes out of the other locker room talking to her friend.  Boy looks at the girl, seems shocked and admires her beauty.  Then the girl looks away from her friend and toward the boy, their eyes connect.  A connection is made in the way their eyes are locked on each other.  They stare in each others eyes for a minute.  They both then instantly look away at the same time and blush.  They both go back to talking to their friends, and ocasionally exchange glances at each other without the other person knowing.  PE teacher calls roll and everyone lines up in their assigned positions, teacher announces that dodge ball going to be played.  Everyone goes against the wall and boy on one end of the line and girl on the other end.  Teacher randomly pics teams, boy gets on team one and girl gets on team two.

Teams seperate and Boy in group with his friends laughing and giggling, occasionally looks at girl.  Girl in group with her friends and laughing and giggling, occasionally looks at boy.  As they are talking to their friends they both space out and think about holding hands, jubilantly, and walking down the hallway together hand in hand.  Teacher blows whistle they both come back to reality.  They both spread out on the court with everyone else.

Teacher blows whistle and game starts.  Boy and girl both rush to the middle of the court to get a ball.  At the same time Boy picks up a ball and girl picks up ball.  They see each other across the court and both wind up their arms to throw.  Looks like they are aiming for each other and will hit each other.  They both at the same time release the ball.  One ball spirals through the air and hits a random person on the boy's team, because girl actually aiming for another person.  The other ball spirals through the air and hits the girl in the face, mostly in the eye area.  She is thrown backwards onto the floor due to the force.  The boy looks shocked because he thought she was aiming for him and wanted to get her back.

Teacher blows the whistle and everyone rushes to help the girl.  The boy gets to the girl first and puts out his hand to help her up, but she ignores it.  She gets up with the help of her friends.

The boy then stares at the girl as she walks off the court with the help of her friends.  The girl slowly turns around and stares at boy looking extremely angry.  Her friends look at him to and give him the evil eye.  Boy (standing alone) cringes and walks away towards the locker rooms embarresed and now thinks of them walking jubilantly hand in hand into the sunset, but only her with a black eye.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amelie Textual Analysis

Amelie Screen Shot #1

2.  There is imagery when amelie takes a picture of a bear cloud when she was little.  There is also high lighting and bright colors.

3.  I feel that the directers intent is to allow us to see Amelie's innocence when she was a child, for all children make different things out of clouds.  The bright shot and colors allows us to feel the lightened mood in this scene.

             Amelie Screen Shot #2

2.  There is characterization in Amelie as being sneaky and sly in this scene as she steals her father's gnome to be take around the world by a flight attendent, for he has always wanted to see the world but wont travel since his wife died.  The dark coloring and lighting also adds to the sneaky and slyness of the scene.

3.  The directer intended for Amelie to steal the gnome, because he wanted to show the compassion and love that Amelie has for her father.  The directer used this scene to add to the characterization of Amelie as being a person who does more things for others, rather than herself.


                   Amelie Screen Shot #3

2.    The directer uses sound by not using any words to display the emotion in the man reconnecting with his lost toy.  The actor's emotion allows us to see that the toy that Amelie gave back to him made a deep impact on his emotions and thoughts.

3.  The directer included this to reidorate that fact that Amelie likes helping others.