Friday, November 11, 2011


The trailer that I reviewed was the Fast Five trailer. This is the fourth movie of the Fast and Furious film series. This movie came out during the summer of 2011. Fast Five is based around street racing and how it has carried on into other parts of the world. This movie highlights the illegal aspects of street racing; such as, stealing cars, racing, and the police. I choose to review this trailer, because I enjoy the fast paced action portrayed in the trailer.

This trailer, like any other trailer, establishes the narrative of the movie. It establishes that the movie will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil by using a fly over shot of Rio’s famous statue that sits on top of the mountain. The movie then reveals a sweat shop where money is being counted for drug dealers. It then introduces guns and police voice (Dwayne Johnson) to establish a conflict with the police and the main characters. Dwayne Johnson says “Don’t ever let them get into cars”, which highlights what fast and furious is known for, which is street racing. Vin Disel says “we will do one last job and then disappear forever”, suggesting that this is the last movie of the series. This quote is followed by a series of expensive cars being stolen off a train, establishing that the characters will steal in order to make their money. The trailer also reveals the old characters from prior movies who are back. This movie hints that Han did not really die in the seemingly fatal car accident during Tokyo Drift, or that this series takes place before Tokyo Drift.

The cinematography adds to the high paced action expressed in the trailer. The fast and close up shots of the cars displays that the cars will being going fast in the movie. The track over the police lights while Dwayne Johnson is speaking establish Dwayne Johnson as the police who are after Vin Disel and his men. The P.O.V of the rocket launcher explosion adds to the action of the movie. The close up of Vin Disel and Paul Walker’s hands as they hook their winches onto what seems to be two metal bars. This creates curiosity in not displaying what they are hooking onto. Then a wide shot shows that the metal bars where actually part of a metal vault that is being pulled by two cars.

The editing is what makes the trailer a high paced trailer. One of the best techniques is used at the end of the trailer where there is fast editing between different scenes that intertwine with a heart beat. As the heart beats become faster the cuts become faster and finally reveal the name of the movie.

The sound is also a crucial part when creating  trailer, for it helps to reveal the situation and synchronizes with the action. In the beginning the cliché sound of a shotgun adds to the intensity of the robbery scene. The fast paced music that is infused with the sound effects of squealing tires reveals the fast plot and cars.