Sunday, January 30, 2011

Historical and Socio-cultural context

II.  This movie was directed by Boaz Yakin who was born in 1966 in New York City.  He attended school in the bronx and studied film making at New York City College, and later moved onto New York University.  He won the Sundance Film makers trophy in 1994 for his direction of Fresh.  Remember the Titans was the first film that Yakin directed that was a major box office success.  The film was produced by walt disney and contained the aspiring actor, Denzel Washington who played a great role as the headcoach.  Remember the Titans grossed over 115 million dollars.

III.  The socio-cultural context was based around racism and segregation of within the US.  The plot was based around the story of a integrated football team that was racially divided between blacks and whites.  Remember the Titans addresses one of the most critical topics in US history, which is racism and segregation.  This movie portrays a black coach having the ability to break the racial divides within his team to produce a successful team that allows the community to see the ability for both races to trust each other.  This work was intended for the entire world to be its audience, for it addresses racism which is a great problem thoughout the world.  The intended audience was also for people who like american football, and those who enjoy seeing team work bring people closer together. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sound Unit Prepro

This will take place at crystal springs trail on a bench overlooking the spring.  Near sunset, since sun sets over the spring.


Boy walking (head down) sits down on park bench.  He sighs as he sits down.  He puts his face in his hands in distress as a young couple walks by behind him.  They look to be as though they are in love and are talking to teach other and as they pass the bench the boy looks at their backs as they walk away and their audio fades out.  The boy sighs again and then takes out his headphones and we can hear the music from his ipod.  

Then middle age couple walks by in the background from right side.  The boy doesn’t notice, but they talk about how they always love coming back to this trail and how peaceful it is.

Boy is looking out at the spring as they are walking by and they exit off screen

Then old couple walks by from left side and they sit down next to the boy on the bench.  Boy takes off his headphones and says sure you can sit here.

Old couple are talking and they are audible and they are talking about how much they enjoy each other, boy puts his head back down in his hands still in distress.  

Old people respond.  Old man tells him some words of wisdom about relationships (not too cliché) maybe some humor about himself and his wife.  

Old lady says time for us to go, so they both get up, old man tells boy it will be “alright kid pull through”.
After they leave out of the WS.  All isolated sounds.  Boy relaxes back in his park bench and looks at the spring again (hears small sound of waves).  Boy looks at Grass and hears the sound of crickets, and soft wind sound as wind is blowing nearby grass.  (if theres no wind it will have to be man made and sound effect can be put in later).  Boy looks at free way in back of him and notices sound of cars passing by.  Boy looks out at the spring once again and now all sounds are audible.  Boy pulls phone out of his pocket with right hand.  Looks at it (seems like he is contemplating something) then puts phone down, face down, on his right leg and slouches further back in bench.  ONLY THING AUDIBLE Phone starts ringing (ringtone differences genuwine or some r&b song).  Boy turns his phone back over and looks at the front and caller ID says Katy and picture is of boy and Katy smiling (happy).  Boy looks at it then looks out at spring and left to right (now all previous sounds in green are heard) then he looks back at phone (only ringtone is heard) boy contemplates and then pushes silent on his phone.  (WS from beginning) Gets up and walks out of frame.  Time lapse until night time then fade out.

        The narritive design is a romantic.  My goal of this film was to be serious throughout the whole film.  I have gone on this trail many times before, and I always notice how nice and serene the view is, although the freeway is right behind it.  I based most of the story off of the scene and what i could get of it.  I want to experiment with isolated sounds, and then joining all the sounds together to create a soothing nature effect. 

Production elements:
         I wanted to incorporate nature with sound.  I want to use sound bridges maybe to connect different trasitions.  I planned on using the music the boy was listening too and his ring tone to play as the lietmotif, and I was also thinking about incorporating some sound loops or even create my own.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Part I: Genre and Audience

         The movie Remember the Titans falls under the sports genre.  The features determining this genre are that this film is based around football.  This work might be connected to a similar sports film Coach Carter.  Coach Carter is about a coach who coaches a winning basketball team in Richmond.  Similar to Coach Carter, Coach Boon encounters problems in racial divides between players.  This movie was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin.  It was created to address the racial divide between people of color (particularly blacks) and whites.  This movie was also based on true story of football players Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell.  We can tell that the creators wanted to produce a movie that was based on racial segregation and football.  The theme of the film is that sports allow humanity to break racial segregation in working together as a team.  The target audience is the world, for this film addresses racial segregation, which is a major problem in society.  This film addresses the topic of racial segregation well, by describing the relationship between a football team who live in a society of racial segregation.