Sunday, January 30, 2011

Historical and Socio-cultural context

II.  This movie was directed by Boaz Yakin who was born in 1966 in New York City.  He attended school in the bronx and studied film making at New York City College, and later moved onto New York University.  He won the Sundance Film makers trophy in 1994 for his direction of Fresh.  Remember the Titans was the first film that Yakin directed that was a major box office success.  The film was produced by walt disney and contained the aspiring actor, Denzel Washington who played a great role as the headcoach.  Remember the Titans grossed over 115 million dollars.

III.  The socio-cultural context was based around racism and segregation of within the US.  The plot was based around the story of a integrated football team that was racially divided between blacks and whites.  Remember the Titans addresses one of the most critical topics in US history, which is racism and segregation.  This movie portrays a black coach having the ability to break the racial divides within his team to produce a successful team that allows the community to see the ability for both races to trust each other.  This work was intended for the entire world to be its audience, for it addresses racism which is a great problem thoughout the world.  The intended audience was also for people who like american football, and those who enjoy seeing team work bring people closer together. 

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