Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short Documentary Review "Jamie Thomas"

Jamie Thomas is a professional skateboarder who co-owns Zero Skateboards and Fallen Footwear.  Jamie Thomas was born on October 11, 1974.  This documentary was shot by fuel TV and is called Firsthand.  As Jamie Thomas and his team (Zero) tour the mid west they go through autographs, signings, and most importantly they get to skate.  Skating takes a lot of cameras.  To get all the action that occurs throughout their run, there are one, two, or even more camera men posted at every obstacle.

In the beginning of the documentary Jamie was recently hurt while skateboarding, and has to attend physical therapy for his knee.  The color tint of this scene portrays the gloominess that Jamie feels from being unable to skate.  A wide shot is also used to display the sign in the front to explain to the viewer where Jamie has to go. 

 This shot creates an intimate shot of Jamie and his kids as they play at their home.  Jamie has three kids and enjoys spending time with them.  Jamie narrarates throughout most of the documentary, which creates a more personal touch.  The cinematographer in this shot fully utilizes the time of day, for the setting sun adds to the intimacy of the shot.

Jamie tattoos while he is on the road.  He usually tattoos his team members.  In this shot fast fowarding is used to fasten the pace on the slow parts and wait for the finish project.  Then during this fast foward we see the passing of time on the clock and outside as the camera fast fowards on the sun rising outside the motel.

As Jamie heals he is able to skate once again.  Typically this shot would be bad camera work, since Jamie is whited out by the outside light.  But in this shot the cinematographer utilizes the white out to symbolize the light as healing and benevolent, for Jamie is starting to regain his ability to skate.

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