Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Documentary Prepro-

Purpose: How religion turned a kids life around, and how he now gives back to the commnity. 

Contacts: Armondo Perez

Interview Questions: 
Tell me your life story?
Why did you go to Juvinile Hall, and how was Juvinile Hall?
How do you give back to the community?
What current events are you doing; for example college, a job, nothing?
What or who inspires you?

General Flow: 
The beggining maybe still images of his life as he narrorates in the background.
The middle will show some of the interview, while he narrarates more of his past and flash to pictures or footage.
The end will be what he is doing now in life, like the work he does with kids.  End with his passions.

Shot List:
Shot of him in the interview mid shot.
Rack Focus Shot, Different angles and positions of cameras of him coaching and playing basketball with the kids he outreaches to.
Wide shots, panning, possibly dollying of his garage where he does an intern program to teach kids how to fix cars.
Close up shots of his passions such as his car and motorcycle.

Use narration from the interview throughout the movie.  Always using his voice.  It is highly unlikely that I myself would include my own narration.

Intro:  Still image of when he was young, slowly progressing.
Possibly footage of when he was younger

Closing:  Driving away into the sunset, or sitting on a beach with his wife as the sun goes down.  Possibly dunking on a kid if i wanted to make it funny. 


  1. Ok so I like your concepts for your shots

    Since you're going to go into his past, I think it'll be effective if you included old pictures of him. And when you're editing try to keyframe or something to the pictures so its not just a picture that shows up on the screen. Don't overdo the pictures though.

  2. I like this idea because it seems like it can be both emotional and enlightening. It exposes a very beneficial part of life that people are able to change the world around them dramatically through their own interests. This influences a very beneficial message to the society around us which can all together help out the world. I believe the key component to the success of this film is the interview questions so i suggest you spend a lot of time developing very depthful questions. This documentary can be very affective.

  3. I thought this idea is intriguing to focus your documentary on somoeone who had highs and lows of his life. The shot breakdown seems good but I dont think asking how juevenile hall was, is an effective question because it doesnt seem like youd get very much from that question besides negativeity from it.

  4. [I know this is late buuuut] I think your idea is a good one. It's not something people would expect and it could go very deep. I think your questions could branch off some more. Maybe ask him how he feels about his life now, and how he managed to get through what he did, what he thought about. When you ask him about who or what inspires be sure to tell him to explain why. How has that inspiration influenced everything/some things that he's done in his life. The shot breakdown sounds good, but don't go overboard with the pictures. Make sure there are just enough that help deepen and connect us to him and his special story. Overall, I can't wait to watch it and see how it turns out.