Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amelie Textual Analysis

Amelie Screen Shot #1

2.  There is imagery when amelie takes a picture of a bear cloud when she was little.  There is also high lighting and bright colors.

3.  I feel that the directers intent is to allow us to see Amelie's innocence when she was a child, for all children make different things out of clouds.  The bright shot and colors allows us to feel the lightened mood in this scene.

             Amelie Screen Shot #2

2.  There is characterization in Amelie as being sneaky and sly in this scene as she steals her father's gnome to be take around the world by a flight attendent, for he has always wanted to see the world but wont travel since his wife died.  The dark coloring and lighting also adds to the sneaky and slyness of the scene.

3.  The directer intended for Amelie to steal the gnome, because he wanted to show the compassion and love that Amelie has for her father.  The directer used this scene to add to the characterization of Amelie as being a person who does more things for others, rather than herself.


                   Amelie Screen Shot #3

2.    The directer uses sound by not using any words to display the emotion in the man reconnecting with his lost toy.  The actor's emotion allows us to see that the toy that Amelie gave back to him made a deep impact on his emotions and thoughts.

3.  The directer included this to reidorate that fact that Amelie likes helping others. 


  1. I like the point you make in the second screenshot about the color in the background. The director uses a dark setting to add to the characterization of Amelie of being sneaky and using the dark weather brings that out. You made a good point in your screenshot.

  2. I like how you point out that there's obviously imagery in the first picture, and how you made valid points in the second picture.

  3. Well said on the first picture. your right that the director, portraying amelies inncoence as a ikd is important. in relation to her adulthood, amelie has definetly lost her innocence and is doing alot of cruel things like messing with the old man.